xmas nearing AGAIN 2014

Good to see Jan is doing a good job at organizing the group, it is a big challenge to keep people working together. Yet years ago that was never a challenge here everybody got involved not today sadly. Oh well this will be my last post ,Jan will probably take over blog in the new year or i will shut down as it does not seem to serve its purpose. I did what i had to to get the gardens back up and running and i have been to busy with work and personal life to continue with any other volunteering commitments let alone the gardens, i hope Jan and the group can keep it going as to much work has gone into it to fail. Thanks all. Gav signing off.


xmas belated BBQ

23/2/14 is the sunday for our xmas bbq looking forward to catching up and having a beer or two. c u there. members only.

get well quick Mr Day

gerald our one of many loyal toilers has had some major misfortune of late . From all of us at the gardens we wish you a speedy recovery and to see you home sooner than later. bloody kangaroos.

Summer is here yippee

So people are whinging about the heat , guess what its SUMMER!!!! At least we can hide in aircond unlike all of our furry and unfurry friends. so remember them and put out plenty of water and throw on a sprinkler so the birds can get wet and cool down. OH and dont forget the extra water to your gardens.

Happy xmas and Merry new year

To all of our loyal gardeners i hope u have a very good time with family and friends over this festive season.


well done mad dog good job collecting the bottles and cans for our gardens. last lot just in is $130.00 to add to our kitty. which is looking better. Just show dont need big shows and money making events to keep some monies coming in to buy those little things which we need each year.

mid october

sweetcorn now in as well a pumpkins ,rockmelons and watermelons. soooooooooooo much stuff to mention that we are eating and what about the herbs.. they are everywhere now and so much self sown stuff telling us when and what to plant. gee gardening can be so easy once you start to get things right. REMEMBER LAST SUNDAY EVERY MONTH AT 11 AM  we have our gathering at the gardens if you are interested  in getting involved just simply turn up. or contact any member for more info. TA TA.